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How to Clean Up Dog Poop Without Using a Bag

    • 1). Assess the type of pooper scooper you will need. If you have a small dog, the scoop can be smaller and more compact. If you have a larger dog you will need a bigger scooper to pick up the large amounts of dog poop in your yard or on your sidewalk. Pick out a bucket to place the dog poop in. The bucket should be large enough to hold several pieces of feces.

    • 2). Scan the yard or sidewalk to find where your dog eliminated. Locate the dog poop and carry the pooper scooper and bucket to the area.

    • 3). Pick up the dog poop using the pooper scooper. Some pooper scoopers have two handles while others have one handle and a rake or small shovel to use. Use the method that best fits your pooper scooper.

    • 4). Place the dog poop into the bucket and pick the bucket up. Dispose of the dog pop in a large garbage bin or compost pile.

    • 5). Clean the pooper scooper with water from the garden hose or by using sanitary wipes on it. Clean the bucket with the same method. This will prevent the pooper scooper and the bucket from smelling.

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