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I'm going to talk about an amazing little book cover design program I discovered called BookCoverPro, and how it absolutely changed my life as an author and publisher.

Until recently, there has not been a cost-effective way for self publishers and budget-minded volume book publishers to design and create high quality book covers. The only good choices were either hiring an experienced book cover designer, which cost $1000 or much more, PER book and often PER concept, or, buying a program like Photoshop, which costs $800, and only works well provided you already come fresh out of graphic design school or are lucky enough to be both a naturally great writer and artist. Uh, not true here...

Then along comes this quiet little program that I just happened to find in a weekly perusal of good book design resources. The ad enticed me, the website excited me. Finally, I thought, here is the answer.
With full customization or the option to choose over 40 free pre-designed cover design templates, BookCoverPro sounded sweet. The website offers a few slideshow tutorials to give you a sneak peek into the program's workings, and I know that if you ask they will send a link to download a trial version (good for 5 days). I did, and I loved it. Very easy to comprehend for the artistically-challenged (like myself), but chock full of selection to do just about anything. The full version also allows you to generate an ISBN-13 barcode which is valuable in itself. BookCoverPro allows choice to create your book cover in RGB or CMYK format, import various images, apply different type styles, colors, etc. plus save your cover design in several different formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or BMP. Those of you using Lightning Source will be quite impressed.

In the member's area, you can order optional 3-D e-book cover images from your file.

They wouldn't release all the information about the new version coming in September (I guess it's a secret) but I do know this -- that the deluxe version of Bookcoverpro will have a 600 DPI option... And that the price will increase 'somewhat'. So, my advice: Order now and you will be "grandfathered in" to receive the deluxe version when it's released.

My only suggestion? That they come up with an interior book design program that's just as easy and fun. :)

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