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Bridal Party Gifts for Road Trips and Vacations

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a rite of passage for soon to be wed couples. While the bachelorette party has evolved from the iconic bridal shower, the bachelor party has expanded from a raucous night on the town to full blown weekends or road trips. And bachelorette parties are following suit. In fact, they’re so popular that travel agents and resorts are going out of their way to attract people who want to bid farewell to the single life in style.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties don’t traditionally merit gifts. But if you’re going away for a few nights or taking a road trip, exchanging small keepsakes and favors is a great way to remember the occasion for years to come. With the right bridal party gifts, you and your friends will all be able to reminisce about this special time in your life forever.

An overnight trip is a perfect way to spend time with your closest friends before tying the knot. Spending a few days together is a great time to bond, take a break from frenzied wedding planning and relax. Since newly weds rarely have time to spend with their friends for the first few months of marriage, take advantage of this opportunity to connect with the people you care about.

Depending on how many people are invited, you could hire a bus and arrange stops along the way. You may have difficulty keeping your plans secret though. Simply pack the bride or grooms bags, and head on out, keeping them guessing along the way.

If budget is an issue you could instead hire a limousine or a driver for one night and take them out on the town. This way you are sure your bridal party is safe while having the party of their lives. Perhaps you could arrange for a private room at the bride or groom’s favorite restaurant and set a fun theme.

If you have a bit more money to work with, you could arrange an exotic sun-drenched weekend, hop on a plane, and arrive at a resort in a few hours. This provides an excellent chance for you and your friends to leave the stress and hustle and bustle of wedding planning behind for a few days.

No matter what kind of trip you arrange, bridal party gifts are a surefire way to remember the getaway and to celebrate your friendships. Here are a few creative ideas for bridal party gifts for road trips and vacations.

The venue or theme will determine what kind of bridal party gifts are appropriate. If you are planning a wild weekend in Hawaii, then think exotic hula girls and sundowners on the beach. Why not have personalized T-shirts printed for the entire party? Monogrammed beach caps or sweatshirts are perfect for either bachelor or bachelorette, while monogrammed bikinis are perfect for the girls.

Personalized clothing is a fun way to get everyone to relax and get into the party mood. And these clothes provide a great keepsake after the wedding. But party favors are another important element of the bridal party road trip.

Hip flasks, for example, are always popular. They can be engraved with a name and the date so your friends can cherish them forever.

A simple shot glass commemorating the trip will be highly appreciated, especially if it is personalized for each guest and used for party games along the way. If you are heading for Vegas you could present each guest with a monogrammed money clip.

For the ladies, a toiletry kit monogrammed, personalized and filled with essentials for the trip will be a big hit. Monogrammed luggage is also a good idea, but it can get expensive. If budget is a consideration, smaller favors can be given out along the way, or during the trip.

Small, simple keepsakes can are all your friends really need to feel valued and appreciated. Why not give each guest a small camera personalized with the name of the bridal couple? Include a small photo album or photo frame. Present it in an attractive box, and encourage them to print their pictures after the trip and put together a selection in their album. They can also choose one special picture for the photo frame.

The choice of gifts for bachelorette or bachelor parties are endless, it just takes a little bit of creativity and a sense of fun. If you’re planning a road trip or vacation for your bridal party, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Remember that the gesture is more important than the material gift.

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