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Picking Up Women Easily - 7 Strategies to Help You Find the Woman of Your Dreams

Ask the average man how to deal with a beautiful lady and he'll tell you in one way or another, kiss up to her.
The reason men as a consensus act this way is fear.
More specifically, fear the woman will walk.
The more you brown nose, the higher percentages become that the woman will lose interest, leave, and disappear.
An example of this is when a woman whimpers on a date with a guy.
She will be unreasonable and throw tantrums.
The average guy being content on being on the date will think I'll go along with this and do what she says.
This sets the tone of the relationship.
In this case the tone is she can be bratty and get away with it.
A true man would not stand for her actions, he would make sure she knew her behavior would not be tolerated.
Read on to learn 7 tips on how to pick up these stunning women.
Play on your terms: 99% of guys have no clue when it comes to communicating with women.
They get clingy and turn into a coward.
You'll see them agreeing with everything the woman says in order to get her approval.
Poor guy is falling into a trap.
If he only knew doing the opposite would be more effective.
The worst thing he could do is drown her with compliments since she get this from everyone.
Instead casually challenge something she says.
Let her know she has to meet your standards.
Instantly, you have become a challenge and her interest will follow.
Let her talk more: This happens every Friday night at the bar.
A man has approached a woman and is engaged in a conversation with her.
Everything is going well, but the woman is not contributing to the conversation.
From his perspective he needs to keep this conversation going to turn her on.
He doesn't realize she's growing bored.
Instead of trying furiously, stop and leave.
If she was interested she would be talking to you.
Stay Poised: Think about it you can get just about anything you want from a woman.
All you have to do is conduct yourself confidently.
If you want to take a girl out, spit out the words.
Do your best not to shake or stutter, stay poised.
otherwise it'll turn yourself off.
Think of Rejection as a Good Thing: Imagine you are in a room full of 100 supermodels.
You ask 99 of them out and they all reject you.
On the last attempt you get one to go on a date with you.
Do you get my point here? Fear of being turned down prevents many men from trying.
For some reason they take it personally and feel rejected as a man.
There are 1000's of excuses why a woman will turn down a man so move on to the next supermodel.
Be a Man Take Charge: Nothing turns on a woman more than a man that take charge.
They feel more secure when a man can provide security and protection for her.
You can display this best when you show control in all situations.
An example of this is after you have gotten her to agree to a date.
Don't ever ask her where she would like to go, just pick a place you like and go.
Be a man doing so will show her how much a man you really are.
The Art of Convo: Convo, short for conversation is an art in itself.
It takes talent to keep an interesting talk going.
It'll be up to you to joke and tell stories on the date.
There will be awkward silences, that's natural.
The more you put yourself in this situation the more your conversational skills will evolve.
One day you'll find yourself talking face to face with a gorgeous girl who loves your dialog.
Why Bragging Doesn't Work There will be times when you feel like a women your with is out of your league.
You may feel the urge to boast about yourself and brag about your car or your job, etc.
Please try not to brag, instead, assume your worth her time.
She'll naturally pick up on this.
By becoming the object of affection the lady has to seek your approval.
You become chased, but not the way you think.
Women will be subtle about this you may not even sense it.
You will get inviting eye contact and other signs she wants your company.
Remember the secret to attracting women is all in your delivery.
Incorporate these 7 tips into your efforts of picking up women and you'll be amazed at how easy it works.
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