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The Art Of The Push Up Exercise!

When you are looking at a true method to get yourself into shape then you have got to learn how to manipulate the art of the push up.
Push ups are great for your strength and fitness and this is why you need to tune in to read this article.
Permit yourself a minute to read this to learn about what strength and conditioning is all about my friend.
Push Up Workout Having been a strength and conditioning assistant at the University of Georgia and growing up in an area of the country where athletics and football are highly stressed I am often reminded of an athlete that we all recognize as being one of the greatest of all time.
As a child I used to hear stories about a legendary running back that carried the pigskin for the Georgia Bulldogs by the name of Herschel Walker.
Even today Herschel continues to show what a strong and committed body is capable of by competing in the very tough world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) at the age of 48.
The reason I am talking about Herschel is because he had as dynamic of a push up routine as you could get in order to physically prepare him for the field of play and I don't think I have to defend how well it served him throughout his career.
It is said that Herschel hammers out over a 1000 push ups a day and I'm willing to bet that he even changes up the style of this drill within this amazing number during his workout.
You see you don't have to have a fully stocked gym to get a workout in.
The beauty of the push ups exercise is that the more you practice this drill you will get stronger and you will be able to control your body better too.
I always talk about the importance of body control.
Whether you are talking about a child that is still growing into his or her body or an adult that has lost a certain level of functional ability it all boils down to a lack of core strength.
The only difference in the examples that I just gave is that the child has yet to develop the core strength and in a lot of cases the adult loses it over time.
You have to say goodbye to those ridiculous ab machines in the gyms.
The only way to develop that area of your body along with all of the other significant muscles within your core center is by executing body weight drills that will challenge you from head to toe and push ups are a great way of doing this.
You see the beauty of doing push ups is that the degree of difficulty can be altered by simply making adjustments through redistributing your weight, as well as, adding different movements into the act of the drill itself.
To give you a good example if you are wanting to make your push ups exercise more challenging then simply elevate your feet to distribute more weight towards your upper body.
If you wanted to get even more creative then learn and practice a one arm push up, or even a one arm one legged push up which I have demonstrated on many occasions.
This will significantly improve your core strength and elevate your strength training performance to a level that I'm sure even Herschel himself would be impressed with! The art of doing push ups is incredibly valuable.
If you haven't already started on your push ups program then start practicing today and I will be glad to help anyway that I can.
Feel free to access more of my articles and posts on the subject at hand when you have a chance.
Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend!

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