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The United States Army has gotten very smart in the last few months, as now they are taking those over thirty five and allowing them to sign up.
Why is this totally smart? Well because when you are young and full of piss and vinegar you make mistakes that 35-year olds and over do not make.
In fact you have lots of skills too that you can bring to the table mid-career in American Life.
There are aircraft mechanics, truck drivers with a million miles and folks who have worked around machinery, heavy equipment and industries from nearly 20 years.
That brings a whole lot of expertise to the table.
International Terrorists look out now, because America has some of the best and brightest humans on this planet and you couple that with experience, knowledge, talent, intelligence and skill well lets just say the sub-human International Terrorists are not long for this world.
So how is it working so far? The Army is quite pleased it is as if they have veteran service men, with lots of life experience out there, folks that know how to get things done and do it too.
Some of these new recruits have a steady eye and have made the grade in the shooting range; almost expert status.
Why is the Army doing this? Simple really, people are living longer and they are much stronger than past generations well into their fifties.
Best of all the Army is not only making its quota Americans are signing up in droves.
You have to feel sorry for the enemy now.
Well at least for 15-seconds while you lock and load; God help them now.

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