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How to Remove a Social Culture Tattoo Design

    Henna Tattoos

    • 1). Wash the design area two or three times a day. Henna usually lasts up to six weeks before it fades. However, you can help it fade faster by washing it more.

    • 2). Scrub the design area with a loofah and exfoliating scrub to help remove the dead skin with ink on it.

    • 3). Apply hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball.

    • 4). Soak in a chlorine-treated pool. Chlorine will make the henna fade much faster.

    Ink Tattoos

    • 1). Use laser treatments. The procedure is painful and expensive, both increasing with the number of tattoos you want to remove. The process is long; it takes a half-dozen to a dozen treatments with a few weeks healing period in between. However, laser treatments provide the best way to limit scarring.

    • 2). Sign up for IPL (intense pulsating light) treatment, which sends short bursts of intense light at the skin. The procedure is fairly uncomfortable; gels should be applied on the affected skin after treatment. IPL may not be the best for people with darker skin because they risk losing their original skin color.

    • 3). Apply tattoo removal cream, such as Rejuvi, at a spa or clinic. The cream is applied almost the same way as a tattoo, with injections in the top epidermis layer. Many creams have been shown to work without scarring and changing skin color. The cream simply pushes the ink out of the body through the skin. Treatments are usually spread out over several months.

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