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How to Train Your Dog Quickly

The simple answer is yes it is possible to train your dog quickly, effectively and the training will last but you have to be:
  • Consistent
  • Patient
  • Understand accidents do happen
  • Start as early as possible i.
    e from a puppy.
How to train your dog quickly - Outdoor training.
Step 1
  • Start by attaching a leash to your dog.
    If you are not attached to your dog it is impossible to control the environment-remember this is all new to him.
  • Hide some dog treats in your hand-make sure that they are treats that he likes.
Step 2
  • Now take your dog outside - on the lead.
    If you want to attach meaning to this-you can state something like "hey do you want to go outside".
    Make it sound exciting though.
    If you use the same cue or phrase every time your dog/puppy will learn to associate the two.
  • When your dog is outside check for obvious signs that he is going to do his business.
    As soon as he gets into the position to go to the toilet, say in a firm but strong voice, "Go to the toilet" ...
    "Go Potty"...
    "Do your Business"...
    It really doesn't matter what you say but make sure you use the SAME cue every time.
    This is very important so that your dog/puppy can associate the two actions i.
    e getting ready to go to the toilet and your verbal cue.
  • When your dog/puppy has done it's business make sure you praise him.
    Don't just say "good dog"...
    make him realize that you really mean it and that you are absolutely thrilled with him doing his business.
    Give him his treat that you have in your pocket and tell him how special he is.
How to train your dog quickly - puppy training.
If you are using the above techniques with a particularly young puppy you may need to follow these tips.
Step 1 You need to remember that if you are trying to train your puppy to do his business outside ...
  • Puppies often go more than once so don't pick him up and bring him inside straight away as he may poop and then walk around and sniff a little more before going again.
  • Give your dog an allotted amount of time to find his spot.
  • If you want him to learn to do his business in five minutes then only give him five minutes.
  • Be consistent (this is the most important aspect of dog or puppy training.
  • Don't give him forty five minutes on a Tuesday and then expect him to do his business in ten minutes on a Wednesday.
If you follow all these steps to the letter and are consistent with each step, your dog or puppy will be happier knowing that he has boundaries and will naturally follow the training process that you have both set out.

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