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Home alarms are instruments that guard your home from trespassing, burglary and other kinds of dangers.
Technological development has made a huge impact in combating burglary.
There are many types of home alarms available with different concepts, but serving just one purpose -- your home's safety.
There are electric circuits, motion detectors, infrared alarms and other types of alarms that are all quite effective.
The electric circuit system is perhaps the most commonly used.
It can be placed in an entryway or anywhere in the house.
Whenever the circuit is broken by some intrusion, the alarm immediately responds by making noise.
You can affix it on your doors and windows, so that if anyone tries to open them without your knowledge the circuit is broken and the alarm goes off.
Motion detectors are advanced in their way of working.
The detectors send out microwaves or ultrasonic sound waves into the surroundings.
Under normal circumstances, the energy gets bounced back.
If there is an intrusion, then there is variation in the way of bouncing, and it alerts the detector, which sends an alarm signal.
Infrared systems are the most advanced security systems.
They sense the heat from the intruders' body and respond accordingly.
The variation in the body heat causes the alarm signal to go off and it has been very effective.
Home alarms not only detect the intrusion quickly, but they also have automatic dialers to call out police for help.
You can have prerecorded messages to send out during emergencies, and these calls are made continuously so that you stand a sure chance of contacting the police.
So, having a home alarm is a matter of complete security.
The price of home alarms range from $20 to over $5,000.
Depending upon the kind of security you want for your home, you can choose the features accordingly, as the price varies with the features available.

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