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How to overcome the pains of heart break

You were once in a blissful relationship, like the kind you see in the movies, a wonderful experience of the two of you visitng exotic places, taking a walk by the beach side, going to see movies together, springing up surprises for each other. Your relationship would have been described as the best of the best relationships ever. You have dated and courted for one year now, she seems so much like a sister and a close friend, it's so rosy and then one day her employer calls her up, she has to relocate to somewhere far from you. Now you can only see her on weekends as your job would not permit you during the week, for the first one month the relationship seems to be intact, thanks to mobile phones and internet, you call her three times in a day, you chat her up on facebook, you send pictures to make her keep having a feel of you. The feeling is still there.

One afternoon she calls you up and tells you she is missing you so much and can't out up with the fact that you are far away from her, you try to encourage her to be strong for the relitonship, you bring to her notice how long you have dated and maintained the relationship, everything seems good again. She calls you up the next day and tells you bluntly that she is tired of the relationship and you ask why? She starts crying and says she just can't go on, upon persuasion she tells you she is dating someone else. It's like a big bang to your head, you begin to wonder "what have I done?" She says nothing, you are a perfect guy but it just can't work anymore. You become devastated, your body begins to shake and your voice quivers on phone, it seems like your head is spinning and you can' think straight and then she says "I am sorry" and your hear the beep; she drops the phone.You try to call her back but she refuses topic up her phone, now you say to yourself what the heck is wrong with this girl. She is gone and there is nothing you can do about it.

I know how painful it is to end a relationship just like that but you have to move on, most women are like, they don't consider the number of years you have dated or the times you have spent together, when they want out they just move on. You have to readjust and here are some tips to help you.

1. Acknowledge the fact that life is like that, people come and they go: You should not brood over a relationship for so long, the fact that you are a human being is understandable but naturally people are born everyday and people die everyday, when they die life continues no matter how long you cry they will never come back. Not every relationship ends up the way we want it but if it so happens that you need to go your seperate ways you take it like that. These days even daughters abscond from their parents homes, how painful not to talk about a lady leaving you just a guy she met somewhere. If you bear this fact on your mind then you can cope.

2. Hang out with your male friends: Your men would for ever be your men. Have you ever heard of a man breaking a man's heart?Well I am not talking about gay men here. Your buddies can never break your heart, they are the best you can hang out with - if you got good friends. You can go to the pool, play billiard, watch football, drink but don't do this because you are heart broken, joke and have fun. Really this really helps, before you know it you are letting go. Life is all about being happy so why should you be sad about a lady that left you when there are millions out there.

3. Join a group: You can make new friends by joining a group either in your church or a social group where you can mingle especially with singles. It helps you as you are going to engage your brain in other activities.

4. Write a book: You can pour out your frustration on a piece of paper, don't be surprised before you finish your story you might be on the 100th page. It helps to free your mind.

5. Don't discuss your broke relationship with every Tom, Dick and Harry: Yes the relationship is broken, most people might know but don't bad mouth her. You can talk about it with your close pals but not all of them, talking about the broken relationship would keep reminding you of the past times.

6. Don't jump into another relationship: Some people would naturally start dating someone else almost immediately after a heart break, this is not advicable, you should allow for some time before going into another relationship. Don't rush it, it would come naturally.

While this articles was written for men, women cannot also benefit from it by turning it the other way round. i.e Use women for men and men for women.

Wish you the best.

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