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How to Download Files to Flight Simulator X

    • 1). Visit the website containing the Flight Simulator files you want to download.

    • 2). Click on the download link on the website to begin the download process.

    • 3). Save the file to a directory of your choice. If the file is not a ZIP file, skip to Step 5; otherwise, proceed to the next step.

    • 4). Open the ZIP file using the File unzipper, and extract its contents. You may place the extracted contents in the same directory as the ZIP file.

    • 5). Double-click My Computer, then type "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X" into the address bar. You should see a list of folders.

    • 6). Move the files you extracted to the relevant location in the Flight Simulator file directory. For instance, Airplane files should be placed in the "Airplanes" folder in the "SimObjects" folder of the Flight Simulator directory.


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