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Top 3 Mistakes Guys Make With Women!

How successful have you been with women? If you're great with women, accept my congratulations.
It simply means it's either you're "naturally" good with women or you've mastered the techniques that work with women.
Most guys do not succeed with women.
They do not know what works.
This makes them fail miserably and they keep wondering why some guys keep getting all the girls while they fail to attract the pretty girls out there even though they consider themselves as nice guys.
The reason why some guys succeed with women is that they do the things that attract women while those that fail with women make mistakes.
There are many of such mistakes and in this article, we are going to deal with three of them.
I consider them as the top three mistakes guys make with women.
Mistake Number One: They Try To Make Women See Reasons Why They Should Like Them This is a big mistake.
Being attracted to a guy is not a thing girls plan to do.
It just happens.
It's not something that has to do with logic and reasoning.
If a girl is not attracted to a guy, giving her reasons why she should be is not going to work.
Mistake Number Two: They Try To Be A Nice Guy Being nice does not work with women.
It will not make them develop attraction for you.
most guys do not get this.
Trying to be too nice will only portray you as being desperate and that is not what women, especially the beautiful ones like.
Mistake Number Three: They Want To Buy Her With Gifts I have a friend that has been trying for months to win a girl over with expensive gifts.
While it's a nice thing to surprise a girl you admire with cute gifts, overdoing it is not a good thing to do.
When you overdo it, you portray yourself as a weakling who cannot be accepted except he buys his way through.
This is a turn off for women.

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