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I Want My Ex Back!4 Tips That Will Improve Your Chances After a Break Up

"I don't want somebody new--I want my ex back!" Plenty of us have said this very same thing when a well-meaning friend advises us to start dating soon after a break up.
1) Stay busy with your life.
Forget, for a minute, that you have things you actually want to accomplish and/or maintain in your life.
Forget that we all have a need to keep our lives in order, to keep if from stagnating.
Right now, staying busy with your life will help keep you from going absolutely nuts! It's easy to sit around feeling sorry for yourself after you've been dumped.
And there's nothing less fun--nor less attractive--than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.
Staying busy with your life has the doubly positive effect of helping you feel good about yourself AND remain attractive.
2) Get some kind of exercise.
You wouldn't think that half an hour of exercise can lift that fog of depression you've been feeling ever since your break up.
And while it might not make things seem 100% okay, it can definitely lift that air of hopelessness that's been hanging around.
If you've ever been at a point in life where you've exercised a lot, you know what I'm talking about.
If you haven't, you will likely be surprised at the results! Like staying busy with your life, exercise performs the dual effect of keeping your spirits up while also making you more attractive.
3) Don't forget to eat.
This can be easy to do in the aftermath of a relationship.
Lack of appetite is often cited as a symptom of depression, and it's very likely that you're depressed at the moment! Lack of nutrition isn't going to help make things better.
In fact, it'll make you feel *worse*.
It will also keep you from making good decisions, due to lack of nutrients to the brain.
Make sure you're getting the nutrition you need, every day.
Go ahead and eat--even if you're not hungry.
But don't overeat.
Be careful you don't swing to the opposite end of the spectrum! Many people deal with hard times by eating too much, instead of too little.
And all too often, the things they eat too much of--chocolate, for example--are full of sugar and calories, and ruin your metabolism! Overeating won't help improve your mood.
And it certainly won't help make you more attractive! If you're prone to overeating, keep dibs on yourself.
Keep some gum or rice-cakes around you if you think you might be temped to chow down all the time.
4) Now, go out and have fun.
Even if it's not fun.
Because staying home being depressed is just about the most unattractive thing you can do--and the worst strategy in the world if you want to get your ex back! It may not sound like much fun to you right now.
But it's a lot better than just sitting at home.
And once you get out of the house and start doing something, you might have a little bit of fun in spite of yourself! And if you run into that former significant other after a break up and they see you're having fun...
they'll see what they're missing out on, and they might just say, "I want my ex back!" themselves!

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