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Felicity TV Show

The Felicity TV Show was a drama series about a girl who followed her high school crush (Ben Covington) from their home in Palo Alto, California to New York where he would be going to college and almost immediately found out that he didn't feel as much for Felicity as she felt for him. After a brief period of mourning and despite the fact that her parents traveled to New York in order to try to talk Felicity into coming home, she decided that she would stay in New York and attend college there and make her own way in life.

The show appeared on the WB network from September of 1998 through May of 2002. It ran for eighty-four episodes over four seasons. The first season was about Felicity Porter's freshman year. The second season of Felicity was about her sophomore year, the third her junior year, and the fourth her senior year!

The college that Felicity attended was the prestigious but make-believe University of New York which was modeled after the real life New York University. Before Felicity decided to follow her crush to New York, she had planned to attend Stanford University to take pre-med courses.

When Felicity moved into a college dormitory, she fell for the dorm's resident advisor (Noel Crane) and they became somewhat serious. Many of the TV show's most intense moments were when Felicity, Ben, and Noel would all three come into contact!

Many of the cast members on the Felicity TV show stuck around for the majority of its four year run! Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, and Scott Foley were the only ones who were in every single episode of the show. Tangi Miller appeared in all four seasons but only on sixty-five of the eighty-four episodes. Greg Grunberg and Amanda Foreman played important recurring roles during season one and then became regular cast members in season two. They both appeared in sixty-one episodes. Amy Jo Johnson appeared in a total of fifty episodes. She had a death in her family that affected her so intensely that she left Felicity's cast half way through the third season. She did come back as her character, Julie Emrick, for the two-part series finale though! Ian Gomez was the last actor to land a regular cast member role on Felicity. He had played another recurring character during season one but did not come back to the series as a regular until the last half of the series. He appeared in a total of thirty-nine episodes.

In the second season, the writers had Felicity Porter cut her hair. The ratings dropped and WB network executives blamed the drop on the hair cut. It's actually much more likely that the execs caused the problem themselves when they moved Felicity to a new time slot, but there was a lot of fuss made about actors and actresses needing to get network approval before making any major changes in their appearance. If you happened to see episode #51 of the TV series "30 Rock" titled, "The Bubble", you may have wondered what Jenna was talking about when she was deciding on a new hair style and said, "But if I make the wrong choice, I could end up like Keri Russell, Felicity season 2"!

On many of the episodes, Felicity would be shown making a cassette tape about her experiences in New York. She was making those tapes to send home to a friend of hers back in Palo Alto. Often, while Felicity was making the tape, audiences would be taken back in time to actually see what Felicity was talking about as it took place. At the end of the episode, they often let the audience hear how Felicity's friend had responded to those events on a tape that she had made for Felicity!

The Felicity TV show won two major awards in 1999. Robert Primes won for "Outstanding Cinematography for a Series" for episode #14, "Todd Mulcahy - Part 2" and the delightful Keri Russell won a Golden Globe for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Drama TV Series".

All four seasons of Felicity are available on dvd. The licensing costs of the music on the series nearly kept the show from ever being seen again! The producers of the dvds actually found royalty free music that they felt worked and that allowed them to make the dvds profitable. Unfortunately, many other series are not available because the rights to the music didn't include home video.

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