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Emotional Games to Get Your Ex Back - You Must Follow This Before It"s Just Too Late For You

If you want to get your ex back into your life then you might have to play the emotional harp to tug at his/her heart and fill it with love and longing for you.
Here are 3 emotional games you can play to get your ex back..
Game # 1 - Lie your way back into your ex's heart.
If you are a girl, then you could just lie to your ex that you are pregnant.
However, if your ex does get back to you out of love or pity, he might get suspicious after a few months and even if he is completely dumb he might still get suspicious after nine months.
If you are a guy then this could get difficult, although you could still lie and tell her that you have an incurable disease and only have a few months on earth.
However, this game has a limited shelf life of only a few months and you could simply shout out "It's a miracle" if no baby is born or if you do not die in the next few months.
Game # 2 - Take your ex on an emotional tour of the past.
You can remind your ex about the wonderful times that you might have enjoyed together.
Paint a mental picture of the places that you have visited together or the fun times that you might have spent together just lazing in each others arms.
This is sure to pierce through the hostility and take your ex on a nostalgic trip into the past.
Game # 3 - Play on your ex's fear.
If your ex still loves you but hesitates in returning back to you, then you can use fear as an emotional tool.
Indicate to your ex that you have handled the breakup in your stride and have picked up the pieces of your life without much problem.
Once your ex sees your confident stance, he/she is sure to fear that you might just move on in life without glancing back.
This fear will push your ex into rushing back into your life.
So, play these 3 games very cautiously, especially the 1st one and watch your ex being pulled back to you.

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