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How to Breed Bristlenose Catfish

    • 1). Buy several bristlenose catfish. When they are young, bristlenose catfish can be hard to distinguish between female and male. Chances are good that when buy several at a time, you will get a female and a male. As they get older, you will notice that the males grow bristles around their noses. Make sure that you use an air stone. The bristlenose catfish need lots of oxygen.

    • 2). Place a piece of driftwood in the tank. Bristle nose catfish gnaw on driftwood because it provides fiber for the adults and food for the fry.

    • 3). Put a couple pieces of PVC pipe in the fish tank. These catfish like to dwell in caves or sheltered spots. They will also spawn their eggs in them.

    • 4). Watch for when the male takes up residence in a crevice or cave. This is the signal for the female to inspect the male and the male's abode. If she is satisfied with both, the breeding will begin.

    • 5). Wait as spawning takes place. The female will chase the male out of his dwelling to lay her eggs and then all the rest of the work is up to him. He will then protect them from other fish and fan his tail to keep air moving about the eggs. he does this to keep the eggs from turning to fungus.

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