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The Top 5 Reasons to Install Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows is one of the best investments you can make on your home.
The benefits of new windows are plenty, from hassle-free maintenance to improving the resale value of your home.
Here are the top five reasons why a homeowner should consider installing replacement windows: 1.
Energy efficient design.
Nowadays, everyone is concerned with conserving energy, saving money and living green.
New windows have a significantly higher insulation value than older windows with out-of-date designs.
New energy efficient windows make sure heat stays in and cold stays out.
These new efficient windows can save an average of 15% on energy costs each month.
Over time, the cost of purchase and installation will be far outweighed by the money saved in energy bills.
New replacement windows considerably reduce the ability to hear outside noise within the home.
Conversely, new windows obstruct inside noises from traveling outside, keeping your conversations private.
Modern replacement windows are able to give the people inside the home a respite from noise pollution, which can be especially beneficial for those who live in bustling cities or near a busy roadway.
New windows offer a higher degree of safety and security.
The window frames, either in wood or vinyl designs, are made with a harder sealing around the panes.
Because the window frames are adjoined, breaking into the home is more difficult.
Also, new glass is manufactured to be shatter resistant and having double or triple paned glass makes it even more difficult to be broken, either by burglars or an errant baseball.
UV Protection.
UV rays are harmful to humans and can cause irreversible fading and cracking damage to carpet, upholstery and furniture.
Replacement windows reflect these harmful ultraviolet rays so your belongings - and your family - stays safe.
This, again, is another way to save money.
You won't have to replace your damaged furniture or install a new carpet just because the sun's rays faded the color.
Also, the heat of the sun has a more difficult time getting through, meaning you harmless natural light without heat damage and excess warmth during the hot summer months.
Tax incentives.
Every state in the United States is able to enjoy the federal tax credit for consumer energy efficiency.
These federal tax rebates are an initiative to encourage people to install energy efficient products and appliances in their home.
Installing new energy efficient replacement windows makes a homeowner eligible to receive this tax credit of 30% (or up to $1,500) of total cost, excluding installation costs.
Consumers can take advantage of the tax deduction through December 31st, 2010.
These are just five reasons why installing new replacement windows is a smart investment for homeowners.
Saving money and conserving energy are important for many people, and installing energy efficient replacement windows will allow you to accomplish those goals.
Plus, your house will look great, be more secure and feel comfortable all year long.

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