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Recent sales statistics proved bagless vacuums to be the popular choices.
It is priced lower and less bulky than bagged varieties.
The infomercials that are so popular in home shopping channels are doing their jobs perfectly.
But are bagless vacuums really better than bagged ones? Bagless vacuums claim of having better airflow than vacuums with vacuum bags.
They also claim to aid the lowering of production costs since the need to buy a vacuum bag is eliminated.
But these are from infomercials, they are made to promote bagless vacuums.
But there are several important things left unsaid.
Read up and find out why you shouldn't ditch your bagged vacuum.
Let us explore the production costs.
Vacuum cleaners do not suck up dirt by magic.
They use air to suck the dirt in and pass it through their filter and to the collecting contraption.
Even bagless vacuum designs do this.
In time, the filters of bagless vacs need changing due to use and long wear.
It would cost just as much to replace a worn HEPA filter and to buy disposable Eureka vacuum bags or Hoover vacuum bags.
Though there are HEPA filters guaranteed not to wear out, they come with a price and at the cost of your time.
Whereas you just pull out the bag from bagged vacs and throw it in the trash, these bagless filters require cleaning effort especially if you don't want to damage your filter.
To maintain bagless vacuums functional at top form, you basically have to empty dirt cups when full.
You also have to clean out the filter either by dusting, brushing, tapping, or washing depending on the detailed cleaning instructions that usually come with these bagless vacs.
Think these are too much? You also have to do maintenance cleaning after every 3-4 vacuum sessions.
In exchange for the minimal savings from buying a bagless vac, you need to spend time cleaning your cleaning equipment.
Throwing and buying a disposable vacuum bag is a small price to pay for buying bagged vacuums.
On to the airflow issue.
Bagless vacs claim to be superior in terms of air circulation.
Over a short period, the bagless variety has the upperhand.
This is while their filters are still new and fresh, but over time, these filters become stuck with dust and dirt.
Dirty filters cannot boast of their airflow because the particles weaken the air circulation.
You need to either clean the filters or replace them to achieve that superior airflow again.
However, in bagged vacuums, all it takes is to change your vacuum bag and your vacuum is as fresh and powerful as new again.
The key here is restoration.
Restoring a vacuum's air power will ensure better cleaning.
Bagless vacuums cleaned every fourth cleaning session only use half or a quarter of their supposed power during the second, third, and fourth time of use.
As a result, more time is spent cleaning to make up for decreased power.
With bagged vacuums, replacement of vacuum bags automatically recharges the vacuums' cleaning power depending on your needs.
Better cleaning with less effort and time spent.

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