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How to Quickly Paint a Room

    • 1). Lay plastic sheets down on the floor. While you can protect trim on the go, floor drips are a different story. This step only takes a few minutes, and it's well worth it.

    • 2). Paint the edges using a synthetic-bristle paintbrush and a latex paint with primer mixed in. Paint and primer combo mixes cost more than standard latex paints, but they provide the best coverage in just one or two coats. Use a "paint guard" to protect trim as you go. Paint guards are basically long, flat pieces of metal that you use to shield surfaces from paint splattering. This tool is available at most hardware stores, and it eliminates the need for time-consuming taping.

    • 3). Wipe off any accidental paint drips using a wet rag. Paint guards are quick, but they aren't always as effective as painter's tape. But since latex paint is water-based, all you need is water to clean it up if you catch the drip before it dries.

    • 4). Paint the main room surfaces with a medium-nap roller. Use the same paint and primer combo mix for quick coverage. Allow 50-percent overlap between each roller line as you cover the main surface; this tactic eliminates telltale roller "bead lines."

    • 5). Open windows in the room and use electric fans to stimulate airflow. With increased airflow, the paint dries faster. In some cases, you'll only need one coat. If you see bare spots, apply a second coat before the first coat dries completely.

    • 6). Apply a second coat using foam brushes for edges and foam rollers for main surfaces. Foam painting tools provide thinner coverage, but a thin layer of paint is less likely to disturb existing layers of tacky paint when compared to thick coverage. If you try to apply a full coat over paint that is still tacky, the result is a blotchy finish. With a paint and primer combo mix, a thin layer is usually all your need for the second coat. Just make sure the first coat appears mostly dry; it can still be tacky, but it cannot be sopping wet.

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