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The other day at the Cross-Creek Starbucks in Malibu, CA we saw an accident and then listen to two girls who must have been from Pepperdine University's Trial Lawyers Club.
Believe it or not they do have one.
Anyway on this day instead of hanging out by the big lawn and watching spoiled little rich kids take big blocks of ice and ride them down onto Pacific Coast Highway PCH for a thrill; they were describing the accident and pointing out points of law of who was at fault and who could be sued for what.
They started with the City of Malibu and the bad markings on the road and then the guy in the Mercedes and the lady, probably some movie star with a Hummer.
They explained at length all the different lawsuits, whiplash, property damage, cars, insurance companies and how much they could make of each party and all the insurance companies too.
This just goes to show you there are personal injury lawyers, future personal injury lawyers and spoiled rich kids who have no chance at ever passing the bar who think they know it all.
So if you are looking for a Personal Injury Lawyers from Pepperdine University, well may I suggest that you keep on looking, because these gals, did not seem up to speed on the reality of kinetic energy or life on the surface of the Planet.

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