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1980s Party Dress Ideas

    Pop Icon Outfit

    • Break out the leggings, black bustier and frilly lace skirt for a party dress that recalls the Madonna of the '80s. Accessorize with black lace gloves, high-heeled booties and rubber bracelets. If you're more of an 80s rocker than pop star, try channeling Joan Jett. Tie a scarf or kerchief around your neck. Spray your hair with nonpermanent black dye or wear a black wig. Put on plenty of black eyeliner. Wear head-to-toe black clothing, such as black leather pants and a tight-fitting black shirt.

    Prom Dress

    • If you decide to go with a 1980s prom theme, look for poufy satin dresses. An older relative or friend may have prom dress from the era stashed in a closet, or check out local thrift stores for a good deal. The more bows or satin rosettes, the better. Complete your outfit by teasing your hair, wearing a pair of rhinestone earrings and a string of pearls. Make sure you get a wrist corsage that matches the color of your dress. Men can wear pastel tuxedos or a black tuxedo with a pastel bow tie and cummerbund.


    • Perhaps your 1980s party dress style feels more comfortable on the tennis court or at the country club. Pull on a brightly colored polo shirt and pop the collar. Pair it with a khaki pencil skirt or slim-fitting khaki pants. Wear a ribbon belt and tie a coordinating sweater or cardigan over your shoulders. Finish your outfit with a pair of white canvas sneakers and low anklet socks or a pair of penny loafers with no socks.

    '80s Workout

    • Dress for a workout or like you're headed to a 1980s dance class. Pull on leggings and find an oversized sweatshirt. Cut the neck of the sweatshirt so it drapes off of one shoulder. Wear a tight-fitting tank top or leotard under the sweatshirt. Pull your hair out of the way into a high ponytail or a side ponytail. Make sure you tease the ponytail for maximum volume. Put a pair of thick leg warmers around your calves and finish the outfit with brightly colored high-top sneakers.

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