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How to Write Articles Quickly and Easily That Make the Reader Want to Know More About Your Topic

Writing article does not have to be a difficult process.
In fact, if you can write five or six short paragraphs on your topic, that is all you need to have an article that can be submitted to directories and repurposed into blog posts and forum comments.
I have used this format for over a year now and have been able to write hundreds of articles.
First, commit to writing one article every single day.
This will get you into the habit of writing.
I began by setting a goal of writing one hundred articles in one hundred days.
At first this was extremely difficult, but after the first month I was actually looking forward to writing.
My writing has improved over time as well.
Your first paragraph is the introduction to what your article will be about.
You want your reader to be interested enough in the topic to keep on reading past this introductory information.
Tell your reader what you will be taking about throughout the rest of the article.
Now discuss one simple point in each of the next paragraphs.
I find that about six points is the most that people want to digest in one single reading.
Explain the point in about three or four sentences.
This gives you the opportunity to provide useful information, without telling everything you know on the topic.
Your last paragraph is the second most important one, after the introductory paragraph.
This last paragraph should be left up in the air, as though you are not quite finished with the topic of your article.
This makes the reader want to find out even more, so they are more likely to read your resource box and visit your site.

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