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Chicken Coop Plans - Financial and Physical Benefits

Chicken coop plans are a hot topic right now with the economy in its current condition.
The chicken industry is becoming very popular because raising chickens can be fun and beneficial too.
With homes becoming so expensive and mortgages are hard to qualify for, people are cutting costs when and wherever possible.
This brings us to raising backyard chickens for food and a possible extra income.
The cost of eggs for a family of 4 that eats eggs for breakfast and uses eggs as part of their recipes during the week can be calculated at $800 per year, conservatively.
To put together some chicken coop plans or use plans from any book store or internet can be done fairly quickly.
The cost of some easy chicken coop plans that you can put together in an afternoon, if you are a fairly handy person, are quite nominal compared to what you can gain.
Chicken coop plans can be found for no cost at all on the internet if you find them by searching any major search engine like Google or Yahoo.
The styles and materials are given to you at little or no cost, the only thing you need to add is just a little time in researching the various plans available.
The most popular style chosen by the backyard chicken rancher is the A-frame hen ark because it can be a small coop or a comfortable mid-size coop.
Chicken coop plans for a hen ark can be found on the internet on the same search you were on before.
The only difference between a conventional coop and a hen ark is the shape and mobility.
The mobility is one of the biggest reasons a lot of the new chicken ranchers prefer the hen ark style.
The other major reason the ark is so popular is the cost.
You can build any style of coop for less than you can buy a kit or pre-fabricated one at about 40-50% less, depending on the manufacture.
Another method of reducing the cost is to, take a look at your chicken coop plans and see what materials you can substitute without reducing the strength or integrity of the plan.
Instead of using high-grade redwood you can use Douglas fir and treat the lumber with a sealant.
You can visit a new house building track and ask if you can have the remnant exterior stucco mesh which is always thrown away you can save on your chicken wire.
Now you have a few tips on chicken coop plans you can draw from and have success with raising chickens for fun or profit.
People have to get creative nowadays in order to keep their heads above water, and keeping a flock of chickens is a good way to do it.
You can cut down you grocery bill by the eggs and meat you get from your flock.
Also, you can make a good profit selling the extra that your family does not use.
Good luck and have a great breakfast with some fresh eggs.

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