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Comparing Prices of a Rental Car and a Taxi Cab

Long beach is one of the hottest destinations in Southern California.
So no wonder, the rates of Taxi cabs would be slightly higher than a place that is not so desirable.
You can of course take a taxi cab if you have enough money in your pockets and you do not want to put liability directly on yourself with a potential accident by using a rent car.
However, think before you say yes.
The reason is because taxi cabs will not give you the flexibility of stopping wherever you want, simply because the driver has pickups after you or you will be charged extra for the waiting time.
If you want to avoid paying extra for waiting time and let the cab go there is no guarantee that you would get another cab on time.
But, if you rent a car you have all the freedom to stop anywhere you like to and you can always be assured that you do have a means to get around.
If you are unfamiliar with the area, just make sure you have GPS enabled in the rental car.
The majority of tourists are of the opinion that rental cars are more comfortable during your vacation or business trip than a taxi cab.
Now, let us check out the prices of both options.
Rental cars are available for as low as $14 per day for compact cars, and it will increase accordingly with the type of car you choose.
If you are planning for a weekly trip (7 days) it might cost you around $212 which includes liability insurance and taxes.
Rental car facilities are offered by many leading companies like Advantage Rentals, National Budget, Easy Car, Alamo Car Hire, Dollar, SIXT and Avis Car Rentals.
The meter on a Taxi Cab begins at a minimum of $2.
85 for the 1st 1/7th mile.
Then for the each additional 1/7th mile you will be charged $0.
And if there is any delay due to traffic you will be charged $0.
35 for every 47.
5 seconds.
Let's say you would like to travel from Long Beach to Disneyland.
The distance is approximately 31.
74 Km and the duration would be 33 minutes.
The taxi fare would be $2.
85 for the first 179 meters, and then $1.
68 for every additional kilometer.
And that comes to $52.
Then let's say you have to endure the pleasant L.
metro area traffic for 15 minute more; that would cost $7.
31, let's forget the surcharge for airport rentals, a tip of $12 bucks and the total fare would come to $75.
As a result, the difference is huge between the both.
Therefore renting a car is much better than hiring a cab.

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