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Secrets of How to Revitalize Your Relationship: Loving Your Partner

These are many people out there who are looking to find ways to give a new lease of life to their relationships.
They know their relationship can receive a shot in the arm as it were.
They know they can do something to breathe life into the relationship.
But somehow, they do not know exactly what to do.
We are not trying to give simplistic answers to complex human issues.
We realize there are more intricate issues in relationship that require professional management.
But here, we will provide you with some workable answers to some common everyday issues of relationship.
The first secret is to love your partner.
I can hear someone say, 'if I didn't love him or her why am I in the relationship in the first place?' you're right; but not so fast.
Loving your partner is so obvious that it's like pointing to a rainbow and telling someone that the rainbow is multicolored.
Although to love a partner may appear obvious, it's usually not so obvious as we think.
If you love someone, you'll believe him or her.
That goes for anything he or she may say, even if you think or believe otherwise inside of you.
If you love someone, you'll accept the person.
Acceptance here does not necessarily mean you approve of what he or she does or privy to it.
If you love someone you'll be proud of that person.
If you love someone you'll respect that person.
If you love someone, you'll love what he or she loves--pet habit not implied.
From the foregoing you'll see that loving a partner is more than a mere show of outward affection.
Endeavor to love your partner the way he/she is.
You are to try to love the person of your partner.
In order words, do not try to love them for what they represent, what they have, what they can do, or for what you think they're capable of doing in future.
Neither should you love them for what they could or could not be in future.
This is a spurious expectation that may have the chances of fulfillment or non-fulfillment.
At first the idea of loving someone for who they are can seem daunting or outright fearful.
Are we suggesting we walk in a blind alley? Certainly not.
Although journeying through life is more or less like the dreaded blind alley walk.
Incidentally, we even run in blind alley all the time.
As you might have found out, few things in life are that certain or predictable.
Relationship is 'happily' one of the many unpredictables.
The element of risk is always present in a relationship, as in life.
As a matter of fact, inside a potential partner lie the vibrant seeds of the very qualities you admire.
Chances are that when we love and accept what we see with our natural eyes, the other partner would also love and accept what they see in us.

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