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Mexican Wall Colors

    Reddish Browns

    • Reddish brown is a traditional color of Mexico, especially the northern regions where most of the area is desert with reddish brown sand. Early northern Mexican homes were made from mud to form adobe huts over wooden frames. When the mud dried it created a reddish brown color, which has now become common in Mexican-inspired homes. Choosing a lighter brown with hints of red or yellow can make your walls look like the traditional adobe and your home a modern version of a classic Mexican adobe hut. Make sure these colors look similar to what you envisioned when they dry before painting all of your walls with them.


    • The mud the homes were built from became yellowish after many years of being bleached by the sun. So bright yellow walls have become a traditional color of Mexico, often mixed with blue highlights, which makes both colors stand out significantly. The brightness of these yellows gives a feeling of the bold love of life, which is one of the many attractive things about Mexican culture. Yellows with hints of brown or red are also commonly used in hallways or in living rooms that get a lot of light.


    • Often considered an intense, passionate color that may be distracting on the wall of a home, red is a traditional color of Mexico. It is on the country's flag and it complements a certain fiery intensity the culture is known for. Art and antiques hung against red walls really stand out, especially if they are also of Mexican style and origin. Deeper reds are more common and are best used sparingly, like on one small wall in a living room, kitchen or bathroom. Think of these walls as almost a shrine or homage to the Mexican culture you are modeling the home's paint and decor after, as worship is also an important part of Mexico.

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