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The Grace Of Our Lord Jesus Christ – His True Grace, Not The Tainted Christian Religious Version - P

Having revealed so much Truth in part one, I can now hear the Christian Religious flagellating types - whips in hand, crying "heretic!" and groaning at just the thought of realising that they may have to admit to the fact and The Truth that the Lord Jesus Christ has done everything for them, but will they? Not likely. No, what they will probably do is reach for their Bibles and immediately quote John’s first letter - 1 John 1, for this is one of their favourite Bible bashing passages when it comes to holding all those poor souls around them in their satanic bondage:

1 John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Now here is the issue; is this verse countering or causing a contradiction to what I have said in the above paragraphs in part one? No, definitely not. The first chapter of John’s letter is not written in the same style as Paul’s letters and, perhaps, is not a letter at all, but more of a sermon, a sermon to be read aloud in the churches.

Notice, for this evidence is crucial. The first chapter of 1 John is addressed to a different audience from those in the second chapter, which is where a lot of ‘experts’ i.e. Bible intellectuals and theologians go wrong. The opening verses are a declaration of John’s witness and his personal experience of the Lord Jesus and of the opportunity, for those who believe, of eternal life, and the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ is The Light - see verses 1-5; but to whom is he declaring this information? To those who were already believers and/or already Born Again? Wouldn't they have already known this information? People don't go around declaring old information or old news, they only declare new information or new news; something that has not been heard before - hot off the press so to speak.

Look people, time was precious, even in the first century, and John would not have wasted his time preaching to the converted. John in chapter 1 of his letter was speaking to non-believers or those who were beginning to show an interest in the Good News; those The Father was calling. That is why he is declaring it or announcing it, as if, for the first time because his audience will have not heard this message before. As stated, in verse 8, we read “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves...“ Those Born Again in that congregation would have already known this and would have confessed their sins previously at the time of their baptisms. Again, why would John preach this message to the converted? Once Born Again, we have a new heart, a new heart where The Law is written, a repentant heart. We now think differently. So no, these verses are aimed at the unconverted – those who may, through their uninformed ignorance, be saying they have no sin.

Back to verse 3: “that which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us…” Please note this and note it well, because John is saying something very specific here i.e. “that you may join us.” This means these people are not yet church members, they are not yet in fellowship so they must be newbies or potential converts – they are definitely not established believers for they are not yet members of The Church. All John is saying to them is this: "Look, you can no longer carry on living the way you are, in sin, and at the same time deny that you are sinners or think that you are not in need of The Lord's redemptive sacrifice." He is explaining to them that they must decide to put their old lifestyles behind them, they must confess their sins, admit their wickedness and not try to kid The Father or themselves that they’re without sin. Quite plainly, John says to them, and again I refer to verse 8, that if you say you have no sin then you are lying to God, lying to your fellow man and even lying to yourselves. More importantly, in chapter 1 verse 10, John also says that we make The Father a liar as well and His Word is not in us.

We need to understand that these verses are here to help bring new converts to true repentance i.e. to help them realise that in their sinful fallen condition they need redemption (as we all do) and to know what is involved in order to become a Born Again true believer and follower of Our Lord Jesus Christ. All The Lord is looking for is that Fatherly given change of attitude towards sin, followed by a one time only confession, and then a continuing repentant heart, which means maintaining the right attitude to sin. This also means an ongoing willingness to change as He empowers us and guides us into that change, not our worthless "self-generated self-improvement programme," "our getting ourselves 'right' with God," "our participation," "our daily cleansing," "our salvation by progress," "our sanctification by process," "our justification process" or "our boot strap DIY Christianity" as I call it. All of this stuff is unadulterated vain Christian Religious humbug.

So be encouraged, for the words of the first chapter of 1 John should be positively challenging and thought provoking if directed at the right people; that is, those coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, and if accepted in the right Fatherly God given Spirit, then euphoric for new believers, but, and this is a huge but, if these words of 1 John 1 are preached or taught as binding on those already Born Again, they are blasphemous and evil in the extreme, and will literally put that believer back into the bondage of Old Covenant Judaism and legalistic slavery.

In chapter two of 1 John he continues his message to new converts and babes in Christ, repeating some of the basics of the first chapter, but by verse 8 of chapter 2, he has shifted the emphasis away from newbies by explaining that the darkness has past and they are now walking in The Light - they are now Born Again. By verse 12, he speaks to these new converts by telling them their sins are now forgiven, and notice, not some of their sins, but all of their sins. In verse 13, his message shifts direction again, and it is now aimed at the older members of the church, here called fathers, but this is blasphemous too. The correct word here is elders, for we have only one Spiritual Father and He is in heaven. In the same verse he also speaks to the young men of the church. We have, therefore, in 1 John a letter that is not only addressed to non-believers and newcomers in chapter 1, but also to people at different stages of maturity in the Faith - different audiences in fact.

OK, I have now come to the final issue of this study and the main question, which is – do we as Born Again believers have to continually and repetitively keep asking the Lord God for forgiveness and endlessly confess our sins to Him? Let’s stop and think about this for a while. I have already quoted God’s Word that Our Lord took all of our sins with Him to the cross. If that is the case, and I know that it is, then why do we keep on reminding Him of our latest sins? By doing this we are really saying to Him:“Here you are Lord, here are some sins you forgot to take with you to the cross.” Now is this a blasphemy or not? To me it most assuredly is. Here is another question: If you are still confessing your latest sins having already confessed you were a sinner at baptism, what do you expect The Lord Jesus Christ to do with your latest sins? He dealt with those sins at the cross so that at the point of your calling he would accept your confession. At that point in your life He forgave you all your sins, how many times do you need forgiving?

Understand this, for I now, no longer repetitively confess my sins to The Lord, and I will now give you the Biblical reasons why. Let us now move onto 1 John 3 verse 1. As Born Again believers, we are now loved and accepted sons and daughters of God. Verse 2: he who sins breaks the Law and yet, verse 3, Jesus was manifested (clearly visible and apparent to the mind), to take awayour sins – all of our sins, not just some of them. Verse 6 - now get this: “Whosoever abideth in Him sinneth not;” how does that work then!!?? We need to realise that I, like you, have not stopped sinning, I am a flesh living soul, a sentient man, but then I, the new man, have not stopped abiding in Him nor have I stopped trusting and believingin Him. Doh! Of course! I am abiding in Him if I keep on trusting and believing in Him, so even though I sin in the flesh, I don’t sin as far as the Father is concerned because my new man cannot sin. He sees only the new Born Again man with Jesus Christ in me via the Holy Spirit, and not the old me. Now am I going to argue with the Lord Jesus Christ and The Father over that? Not likely, the thing is, are you?

John then reaffirms this amazing Truth in verse 9: “Whosoever is born of God (The Father) doth not commit sin: for His seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin because he is born of God (The Father).”(Brackets mine) Right,I’ll repeat my question: How does this work then? It works because He took all of our sins to the cross. This includes all of yesterday's sins, today’s sins and tomorrow’s as well. If He took them all then we must be perfect in His sight. Quite plainly if He didn’t take them all then we are, horror of horrors, still in our sins. The bottom line of this is this, if we, as believers, are still confessing our sins and asking for forgiveness of our sins, we are trampling all over The Lord's Sacrifice. We are forgiven - period and there are no steps, stages or phases to forgiveness, it's a one off event and we are either forgiven or we're not forgiven and that's it.

What about the Lord's Prayer I hear you ask? Am I saying then that The Lord’s Prayer is not for Born Again believers? In a word, yes, because it was delivered as a prayer outline or guide to those who were not yet Born Again, they were still under the Law. Even the Lord Jesus Christ was under the Law whilst He was in the flesh and walked this earth; Matt. 6:9-15. Verse 12: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” This statement is a conditional remark and there are no conditions under grace. However, life under The Law was strictly conditional, do this and do that, don’t do this and don’t do that, in order to be forgiven. Slay that animal and let its blood flow into the ground and you will then be forgiven your sins - until the next time!!!!!! Now we are under Grace, we are forgiven - full stop. Now because we are forgiven, it should be natural to forgive, if our brother repents. It should now be unnatural not to forgive. How can we not forgive knowing what He has done for us? Please read the story of the wicked servant in Matt. 18:23-35.

To finish off let’s go to the final verse of this study with 1 John 3:3 which I believe says it all: “And every man that hath his hope in Him purifieth himself even as He is pure.” There you have it in one verse, and if you keep your hope and trust in Him you are as pure as the Lord himself. So if we are pure through keeping our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ how can we then confess sins – where are the sins that need confessing when The Father cannot see them? Where is the need to confess sins that were forgiven us completely at baptism? We need to fully comprehend that we are literally asking the Father God to forgive transgressions and sins He cannot see. I  hope and pray that these two articles will be of help to all who read them and assist those about to make that leap of faith out of the counterfeit Baal worshipping Christian Religion. Watch this space for further studies.

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