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How Does the Sell and Rent Back Process Work?

First make a call to a specialist company and discuss your problem with the representatives.
Specialist companies will deal with every customer sensitively.
Since customer is considered king in every business, in sell and rent back business also the specialist company has to deal with the customer carefully and listen to his problems with loads of patience.
The specialist company will tell you how the sell and rent back service works.
The second step would be to do a free value assessment of the property.
Someone from the company will visit your house within 24 hours and give you other details.
They will tell you the value of your property.
The sell and rent back company will decide on the rental value of the property after knowing the rental value of other properties in that area.
You are under no compulsion to accept their offer.
Once the offer is accepted by you specialist Company will tell you to sign a legal contract with them relating to standard tenancy agreement.
Sell and rent back company will make you understand all the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign it.
You can tell your solicitor to look over the deal before signing it.
They do not charge hidden costs or extra costs.
They retain only a small part of your payment as a deposit.
Once you've have signed the contract you'll get your cash generated from sale of your property.
You can pay rent by direct debit, check or cash.
By renting back your own home you'll be able to avoid estate agents, tiresome public viewings, property chain breaking issues, the search for suitable rental accommodation as well as the tiresome business of moving itself.
Due to credit crunch thousands of homeowners resort to private property sales to get out of bad debts and settle mortgage payment arrears.
Maybe you're one of the homeowners who simply have no choice but to use the money you'll receive for the sale of your home to pay off bills, make payments on overdrawn credit cards and maybe even put a bit aside for a rainy day.
While this solves short-term problems like debt and payment arrears, it also means that you stand in danger of being exploited by greedy agents and landlords cashing in on the soaring demand for housing in the rental sector.
Don't fall into the trap of unscrupulous landlords or rental agents.
Better visit specialist companies who will buy your house at a good price and rent it back to you, so that you do not face any problem.

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