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How to Refinish & Repair a Molded Sink

    Scratch Removal

    • 1). Pour the abrasive cleaner over the scratched area. Use a clean rag to rub the abrasive cleaner in a circular motion over the scratched areas. Wipe clean, let dry, and repeat the process a few times. This method will remove fine scratches, but not deeper ones.

    • 2). Apply the same abrasive cleaner to the deeper scratched areas, but use a scotch pad to rub in the cleaner instead of clean rags. Turn the pad 90 degrees and continue the process. Wipe clean and then let dry. Repeat this process several times. Wipe clean between coats of abrasive cleaner.

    • 3). Wet the sink surface, where the scratches are. Use the Scotch pad to do a finish coat. Rub the pad in a circular motion. Repeat this process once or twice.

    • 4). Sand down the area with 120, 240 and finally 400 grit wet sandpaper to get rid of deep scratches. Use the sandpaper in a circular motion and rub out the scratches.

    Refinishing a Molded Sink

    • 1). Repeat the entire process, as described above to get rid of any scratches.

    • 2). Put on all protective gear.

    • 3). Pour liquid buffing compound onto the molded sink surface. Buff out the finish, using a buffing wheel and orbital sander. Start with a rough wheel, then move to a medium buffing wheel. This will bring back the sink's finish and shine. Let it dry.

    • 4). Put a light amount of buffing compound on a fine grit buffing wheel. Buff out the entire sink surface one more time. Wipe the surface clean between coats of buffing compound.

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