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How to Remove a Large Truck Hub

    • 1). Remove the nuts that hold the hubcap in place on the wheel, using a 22mm socket. Remove the hubcap and set it aside.

    • 2). Place a wooden block in front of the wheel that is diagonally across from the wheel you will remove. For example, if you are working on the rear left wheel, place the wooden block in front of the front right wheel. Although the truck will not be jacked high enough for it to roll, this precaution will guarantee further safety. The truck should be on a level surface for this procedure.

    • 3). Lift the truck, using a jack, until the wheel you'll remove is high enough off the ground so you can easily access the area. Lock the jack in place and set a wooden block beneath the frame of the car next to the jack for further stability.

    • 4). Remove the lug nuts that hold the wheel in place then remove the wheel. Use the 22mm socket.

    • 5). Remove the two caliper bolts that squeeze the brake rotor and set them aside. Use a T55 Torx socket.

    • 6). Remove the two mounting bolts for the calipers, using an 18mm socket. Remove the calipers and the brake rotor.

    • 7). Loosen and pry off the dust cap from the hub with a flat-head screwdriver.

    • 8). Remove the axle nut with a 35mm socket. Use a 15mm socket to remove the three mounting bolts for the hub.

    • 9). Hammer out the studs that hold the hub assembly in place. Use a small hammer with a soft head. Pull the hub assembly off the spindle.

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