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Do Not Scare Men Away!

As women are famous for being emotional and extremely casual at times, men sometimes get scared.
When you are about to date a man you need to understand the way men work.
The first couple of weeks or for instance months are very crucial to a relationship.
Since that is the time when both of you are unwinding your self to each other.
You do not want to give off negative signals to the other partner.
Make sure he gets to know the real you.
Not the emotional, confused, insecure woman that you can become from time to time.
The first thing that guys get scared about is if you talk about long term relationships or marriage.
For instance if you just talk about how badly you want to settle down, have kids, move in to a new place, the person you are dating might get scared.
This doesn't mean that he never wants to get married it only means that he would feel a bit pressured.
once he knows you and things smoothen out eventually you both might be the right ones for each other.
Many women love advertising their boy friends well hello there is no harm in advertising your boyfriend, but do not do that after the first week of your relationship.
What good would that serve, introducing al your friends to your new boyfriend.
He is probably thinking he doesn't even know you then why would he want to know your friends.
Do not talk about your ex boyfriend all day long.
Do not tell you new date of how great or not great he was.
Do not tell him all the things you both enjoyed doing.
Men feel insecure when women talk about other guys.
If he asks just politely mention that it was a good relationship but did not last.
Do not ask him direct questions such as how much does he earn? Where does he live? Does he have a six bedroom house or not?.
You are going to date a guy and eventually will find out all the details about his personal life, but there is no reason to sound materialistic or to clingy.
Make sure you give the guy enough space.
Every guy wants a girl who is self dependent, brave, intelligent and appreciates other people's privacy.
So you need to trust your self fully and your partner to achieve a great balanced relationship.

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