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Cat Behavior With a Urinary Tract Infection


    • Pain in cats is often hard to notice, because they will continue to show affection and beg for attention even when they are in pain. However, you may notice them expressing pain, while urinating or cleaning their genital areas, by meowing or whining.

    Litter Box Problems

    • You may notice that your cat has stopped using its litter box or urinates outside the litter box. This often happens with cats that have urinary tract infections, because they associate the pain of urinating with the litter box.

    Excessive Grooming

    • Cats that have a urinary tract infection tend to groom themselves more often than they normally would. When grooming, they will focus especially on the genital area. Cats are very clean animals; when a cat feels that it is dirty or experiences pain somewhere on its body, such as the site of an infection, the cat will continually lick the spot in order to get it clean.

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