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Canvas Wall Art Tips: How To Make A Bedroom Look Elegant

You can turn your bedroom into an elegant work of art by applying a few basic decorating tips.
It doesn't take too much to make a bedroom look elegant and won't require you to buy many things.
You can create a classy look by changing the colors in the room or by removing clutter and adding just a few choice items to decorate it like a simple canvas wall art or sculpture.
Color - Color does a lot to create a specific ambiance in a room.
To create an elegant look, choose earth colors like tan, beige, camel, brown, gold and black.
If you are fond of more exciting colors like red or green then mute these bright colors with earth tones to tone them down.
Colors like burgundy and olive-green are good accent shades that go with neutral colors.
Fluff - Add fluff and volume to your bed to create a hotel-like look.
Use tall sleeping furniture decorated with elegant throw pillows and a thick comforter in textured fabrics.
Use fluffy area rugs in irregular shapes instead of flat square ones.
Lighting - Your lights should have a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness.
Bedrooms with bright fluorescent lights are not going to look elegant at all.
Use amber lighting in strategic places like corners or near walls.
You can also use wall lamps or hanging lamps to add interest.
Floor lamps are ordinary.
Linen - Use linen or mix it in with your cotton comforter or curtains.
Linen always adds a certain class and look expensive.
You can save money by using it sparingly on some items in the room like on some throw pillows.
You don't have to over-do it and use linen on all fabric items in the bedroom.
Flowers - The right kind of flowers can add more elegance.
Instead of placing a dozen roses in a vase use tulips or irises.
Place a nice fresh orchid in a wooden box next to your bed on a table.
If you want to add a touch of romance to an elegant room, put a few rose petals on the bed.
Curves - Curves look more elegant than straight lines.
Use round or curvy shapes on furniture and decor accents.
Place a nice curvy and flowing sculpture in a prominent position in the bedroom.
Use a round table beside your bed instead of the usual functional square bedside table.
Accents - Hang simple decor accents on your wall like an elegant looking canvas wall art that is neither too colorful nor too attention grabbing.
Pick paintings that have muted colors, not flashy colors.
Make sure the colors on the painting blend or match with the surroundings.

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