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If you're looking for an easy, fun way to add a bit of spice back into your relationship, consider flirting! It's very likely that you flirted a lot at the beginning of your relationship, as you first got to know one another, and for a while thereafter.
Flirting is a very basic human action.
During the initial phases of relationships is one common time that people flirt with one another, but it also occurs on a daily basis in many other forms.
Flirting doesn't have to be purely for sexual motivations, for example.
Flirting can be friendly and very innocent as well.
Unfortunately, however, many of us stop flirting with those with whom we share the most intimate moments of your lives--our mates.
If you haven't flirted in a while, it may feel a bit awkward.
Consider starting small, such as a wink here or there, a light touch, or a bit of "footsy" under the table.
Start flirting at home, where you are most comfortable.
It's still very effective, and you can hone your skills.
As flirting becomes more a part of your daily routine, start flirting with your partner while on the phone or in public.
If you're at a party or a lively social gathering, you can flirt like you did back when you first met.
A knowing smile across a room or a seductive lean can be a lot of fun and put you both in the mood for more fun later.
All in all, flirting is fun, can put you in a great mood, and can be a safe and enjoyable way to put some excitement back into a relationship.

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