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How Changes in Your Diet Can Help to Prevent Arthritis

I am sure that you are well aware that diet can affect your health in many ways.
What you may not be aware of is exactly what things in your diet will help to prevent arthritis.
To understand this we need to know exactly what arthritis is.
There are many forms of arthritis but they all have one thing in common they effect your joints.
One of the most common types of arthritis is osteoarthritis and this is the one we will discuss today.
Things that you can eat to prevent osteoarthritis: Many people have the erroneous belief that osteoarthritis is solely due to wear and tear and is an inevitable part of aging.
This is true to a certain extent but does not have to be a fact of life.
There are some things that you can do regarding your diet to slow the process and minimize your chances of being crippled by this disease.
Many forms of arthritis will involve inflammation of the joints.
You can do a lot to help reduce and prevent inflammation by making some changes to your diet.
Prevention in childhood: •Giving your child a nutritious healthy diet when they are young will help them to build strong bones that will not be so likely to succumb to join diseases like arthritis.
Anti inflammatory diet (1)The body needs a minimum of 8 classes of fluid per day.
Most of us do not manage to consume this amount.
Considering the amount of work fluids do in the body it is necessary for your health to drink as much water as possible.
This will help to cleanse the body of impurities and also help to minimize loss of synovial joint fluids.
This will also help to stop inflammation.
(2)Fruits and vegetables provide us with vitamins and minerals essential for the body to work properly.
The better your health the stronger your joints and bones will be.
This will not only prevent inflammation but cut down the risk of arthritis.
(3)Recent research has shown that red meat is not that good for us and should be replaced with meats like chicken and fish.
(4)Omega 3 is known for its good effects on the joints.
You can get this in small cold water fish and now organic eggs with omega3 are available in the grocery stores.
(5) Refined and processed foods are not very good for us.
The refining process will eliminate a lot of the nutrition in the food and rob us of natural fiber in our diet.
A good alternative is to eat whole grain cereals like brown bread and brown rice and try to stay away from refined foods.
Maintaining your weight is an important part of arthritis prevention: if you are heavy you will put strain on your joints and you will be setting yourself up for arthritis in the future.
Here are two things you can do today.
•Losing extra pounds: by changing eating habits •Eating a healthy diet: cutting junk food and choosing fast food wisely

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