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Double Your Vertical Leap? 2 Exercises to Jump Higher Now

Is it possible to double your vertical leap through doing exercises to jump higher? I guess that depends on how high it currently is...
if you are already have a 30+ inch vertical then doubling it is not going to happen.
However, if it is 15 or 20 inches than doubling it is definitely possible.
Even if you don't double it, you can definitely add 8-14 inches by doing the right workouts and eating natural foods.
How to get a 40 inch vertical now #1) Jump rope with a twist Jumping rope with ankle weights is great for building explosiveness.
Do them as long as you can maintain peak performance and then rest (more on that later).
#2) Squat lifts to improve vertical leap Strength is critical for athleticism and many people feel this is the best overall workout for improving strength.
The WRONG WAY to do exercises to jump higher Do not do a high number of repetitions.
The best way to build explosiveness is actually only do 6-8 reps per set...
this will enable you to put 100% into each rep.
Why high numbers of repetitions do not work...
Peak athleticism is only able to be done for 6 seconds.
After this you wear out and your performance decreases.
At this point your "slow twitch" or "endurance" muscles kick in.
Therefore, when you do high number of repetitions you aren't able to maintain optimal results.
As soon as your performance begins to decline you are essentially only working out your long distance muscles which will not help you gain inches.
Keep it short and sweet Keeping your reps low and focusing on giving 100% for each and every one is the way to do exercises to jump higher.
You might not double your vertical leap but you will increase it substantially.

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