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Ice Hockey is Great, But What About Camp?

What is an ice hockey camp? Ice Hockey Camps may sound kinda of strict and harsh but they really aren't nearly what you'd expect.
They can be the kind that you are enrolled in, and you stay there 24/7, like a summer camp type of experience, or you can find one that will let you stay for just an hour or two, then go rest and sleep in your own bed.
You put a lot of power into the trainers so they can take your children and mold them into the types of player you want.
They should abide by the rules of the teacher or trainer from day one and everything goes a lot easier.
If they don't listen correctly they can find themselves doing the cleaning and maintenance of the devices everyone is using.
No one can get away with not listening to the trainer because ultimately that is what they are there for, is to learn from them.
Just like boot camp, if they don't respect their trainer, or leader then they just won't have the same kind of experience that others might suggest they need.
What do they learn? When you try and figure out what ice hockey camp you want to go to is at, then you can figure out what kind of plans they offer.
You can wish and wish that it's the type of camp you want for ice hockey but unless you do the work and really find out you might be wasting your time.
I don't want to flat out say that some camps aren't worth it, but depending on what you want from the time you or your child are there, then you would really be doing yourself a favor by asking around preferably from people who have been there and know the trainer, teachers and other supervisors.
It's amazing what a little time and effort, and good research can do for getting the best out of what you pay for.
Children can play along with other kids their age and build teamwork that can show them appreciation for the finer things in life that don't cost money.
They can take that teamwork with them anywhere they go in life, and in other sports that might decide to play.

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