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Why The Summer Wholesale Clothing In This Year Is Too Expensive?

With the weather become warmer and warmer, the spring and summer wholesale clothing have been published into the market. Wandering around in a bright mall, several rows of the widely range of clothing under the light has been regarded as the charming thing with glamorous. These glamorous clothes such as the ladies fashion dresses are the favorite object for beauties. However, the high prices could not allow consumers to address them. And most of the consumers have said that they cannot afford to buy them. During these days, the reporter has visited several shopping malls in our city. They had found that clothing prices in this year have generally risen nearly 5 percent than in previous years. The number of consumers with the monthly income of 2,000 RMB is less than last year.

Compared with the expensive clothes in the mall, the price of the wholesale clothing is also not cheap. The reporter has found that the summer wholesale designer clothing has occupied a large part of the wholesale market. The price of short-sleeved and skirt is much higher compared to last year.

Miss Cui is engaging one of the clothing businesses in a supermarket in her city. She had made a special trip to the city to wholesale the designer clothing. When the lady has listened to the reporters asked to the purchasing price, she has said that she had spent 8,000 RMB in purchasing the clothes in her hand. The 8000 RMB is only the wholesale price of these clothes. When she went back to home, she had to pay the costs of the tolls, rents, wages and other costs. And then, in order to keep the profit, she should double the purchase price of 100 RMB or she would lose money. She has pointed out that the business nowadays is difficult than ever.

But the price of the online shop is not higher than the traditional market. The reporter has also search the website is the online supplier for the women dress, wholesale shoes, wholesale designer clothing and other clothes with high quality and suitable price. It is the obvious difference between the online shop and the real shop.

Why the price of wholesale fashion clothing of this summer has this kind of high increasing. The expert has told our reporter that the price of the objects in our daily life has all had a obviously increasing. The rents have gone up. The employees' wages were also increased. The rising of these costs should be reflected on the clothing prices.

It is understood that the garment from raw material procurement to counter has to undergo multiple proxy sales links. In each link, the agents should retain their profits which will plus the price. After entering the wholesale designer dresses the well-known brand would decide the final rate of the price increasing. And the final link which refer to the consumers, the need to pay all plus price.

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