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Since the recognition of THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE by Forbes magazine as one of the ten most influential books of all time, much controversy has been following the title - mostly regarding royalty and title issues.
I am pretty perplexed with the different names credited to the title.
I remember the release of the book, when it hit the bookstores without any controversies.
Then there were no tussles of who is to collect the royalties or whether someone breaches the commandments of book publishing.
Today while searching in Google or some other search engine using the phrase Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I see the same title with different authors, Franklin Covey and Stephen R Covey.
Now I find that a big corporation has purchased the key phrase for their product or to use in their logo.
Thus you can fairly easily assume which will be the first search result for the phrase.
I will let you know about the whole thing - the website belongs to Franklin Covey.
The author is Dr.
Stephen R.
Covey, who enjoys the credit of selling a total of 13 million plus copies of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
The book has been revised several times since its release in 1970s.
Well you will now like to know what the seven habits of highly effective people are.
Don't you like to know? As far as we go by Dr.
Covey's reputation, skills and experiences, you can assume the qualities are related to time management, personal management, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, family concerns, organizational capabilities, etc.
The content of the book also offers excellent results.
Regular sharpening the axe of your skills in proactive thinking of win-win situations, to understand and to be understood - all these and more are there in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
Apart from his own website and the big online bookstore corporations, the readers of the book also encourage you to get benefited from the book, which assumes you will become an effective leader, a loyal worker or a better human.
I am not feeling like researching to find out who sweeps the sand from below the foot of the other to get listed in Google, instead I feel like going back to read the book once again.

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