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EBC Brake Pad Characteristics


    • The Ultimax line of brake pads is designed to be a high quality original equipment ("O.E.") replacement pad.

      As with all EBC brake pads, the Ultimax line features chamfered edges, cooling slots, and shims. The pads perform well across a wide heat range and has low noise and dusting. It also causes little wear to brake rotors.

    Red Stuff Compound

    • The Red Stuff line of pads is a ceramic street pad designed to provide almost dust free operation. The pad also features long life and good braking characteristic across a wide heat range. Because it is a harder compound than other lines, it does have a longer break-in period, and will make some noise when cold when first installed.

      This is a good pad for someone looking for to upgrade from factory pads.

    Yellow Stuff Compound

    • This Kevlar based series of brake pads is designed for serious street and occasional track use.

      It features excellent hot and cold performance, and is very durable. But because it is Kevlar-based, it may have excessive dusting characteristics when compared to a ceramic-based pad.

    Green Stuff Compounds

    • Green Stuff pads are designed for heavier, faster street cars, trucks and SUV use.

      The pads are available in three compounds for different vehicles and applications, and has medium dusting and pad life characteristics. Good hot and cold braking characteristics make this a nice upgrade from factory pads for heavier trucks and touring cars.

    Blue Stuff Compound

    • Expected to be introduced in 2010, Blue Stuff pads are built for racing.

      Designed to meet the requirements of touring car and road racing, Blue Stuff pads promise to be the premier pad for many forms of racing.

      Initial availability will be for the heavier, faster cars.

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