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Medical, Social and Economic Costs of Smoking

Smoking, medically speaking, is one of the most devastating diseases of the modern world.
Dying from smoking alone exceeds the combined statistics of death reports on accidents, murders, suicides, cirrhosis and infectious diseases.
This number in USA - and this is just to create an apt imagery in your mind - is more than all the (American) deaths of World War II put together.
Lung cancer is the most common disease associated with smoking and it might surprise you to know that just about one hundred years ago, this disease was so rare that when diagnosed it would have been diagnosed as a phenomenon.
If you go by the statistics, even in 1930 lung cancer was not really heard of.
How can you explain that a disease that was almost non-existent about half a decade ago, is now the biggest killer in the world? Isn't this proof enough for you? The statistics and the hundreds of studies carried out throughout the world are unanimous in their verdict when they say that more than 85 percent of the deaths caused by cancer could have been prevented by not smoking.
Socially, smokers are slowly being ostracized by their non-smoking counterparts in all parts of the world.
This effect is due to the increasing awareness of the horrible effects smoking has on the smoker himself/herself as well as the non-smoker.
It is well known today that passive smokers face as high a risk as a normal smoker when it comes to inhaling of cigarette smoke.
This social movement is growing in prominence both in rural and urban areas, as well as advanced and under-developed countries.
Smoking is no more a hap thing for a man or woman.
People are slowly internalizing the dangers associated with smoking and encourage their friends and colleagues to quit.
The above are two of the massive motivation factors, which a smoker usually finds to help him/her quit smoking.
There is another one great aspect however, which needs attention, i.
the economic factor.
A standard two pack per day smoker couple can actually fund their auto finance with the cost of their cigarettes.
Imagine the waste and drain of money that they are incurring, while at the same time endangering their lives.
In other words, they are slowly buying death.
Not only from the economical point of view, we can also include the million of accidents (many times fatal) started by cigarettes in homes, office and even cars.
Cigarettes are one of the main arson causing factors in today's world.
Besides that, cigarettes routinely burn holes in your clothes, carpet, furniture, and upholstery - and in your pocket.
Looking from all the angles - would you really logically support your decision to continue smoking - look at it medically, socially and economically; it is in no way a viable habit to sustain.
Rather, those who continue after knowing all the facts court death, poor health and a lot of grief to themselves and their dear ones.

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