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Barcelona Hop On-Hop off Bus Touristic


If you have a ticket of Barcelona, then you must have a guidebook also with you. The guidebook and discount voucher booklet help you at main sights. Many people in Barcelona also work as a guide. They travel with you and guide you during the whole journey. During your tour, guide will tell you about all the important aspects and history of every place in detail. There are many buses that travel through the city, you can hop on and off at any time. Three routes in Barcelona are north route, Forum route and south route. These all routes are connected to each other and through bus; you can easily go from one route to other. North and south routes are long and it takes two hours to travel through each of these routes while forum route is only forty minutes long. It is the shortest route.    


Double decker bus that can take you from one place to other in Barcelona is white or turquoise in color. These are open from the top. Barcelona bus touristic is one of the biggest companies that offers hop on and hop off bus tour services. Barcelona Transport Company in city is operating these double decker Barcelona bus touristic. You can use ticket in all three routes. An important service of Barcelona bus touristic is the night service that is available from June until September. You can enjoy nigh tour in Barcelona at Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It also follows some specific route and has fix stops where it hops on and off the passengers. Wheel chair facility is also available in these buses. With a bus ticket, you can enjoy a discount voucher and a guidebook that offers a discount at many places. Ticket price incorporates the price of guidebook and a cost of guide. Guidebook is available in six different languages.  

Ticket price for  adult person ranges from 20 euro to 70 euro per day .for a child whose age is between  4 10 16 years, the ticket price is 12 euro to 60 euro per day. Below 4 years of age, all children can travel freely. There is no ticket on the children up to 3 years of age. When you start travel on the bus, you should first collect a timetable in which the time of departure and arrival, route and schedule is given.

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