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How to Report Sales Tax

    • 1). File your sales tax report on the scheduled date specified in your sales tax booklet. Depending on the state, you might be able to pay by filling out a form from your sales tax booklet, by downloading a blank sales tax form from your state's department of revenue, or online. Some states accept sales tax reports filed online only.

    • 2). Complete the sales tax form by reporting the total amount of sales made during your sales tax period, and the amount of taxable sales, and then calculating the amount of tax due. Each state has different tax rates and requirements, so read your state's instructions for sales tax filing.

    • 3). Sign your sales tax form--electronically, if you file online--and mail or submit it to your state's department of revenue. If you owe tax, you'll need to include a check in the amount due, payable to the state entity indicated on the sales tax form. If you file online, you can pay by credit card when you file.

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