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Training for Blind and Deaf Dogs

    Training for Blind Dogs

    • For blind dogs, training should be done on a leash, so the dog can be controlled. The area should be an open space, and preferably an area in which the dog is familiar. Since the dog is blind, you will have to rely solely on voice commands. Timing is important to catch the correct behavior.

    Training for Deaf Dogs

    • Training deaf dogs will require the use of visual commands, usually done with the hands. Before training, you will need to get and keep your dog's attention. Some recommend stomping, waving, tossing an object near the dog, or turning on and off lights. There are also vibrating collars that can be placed on the dog--these do not hurt the dog.

    Training a Deaf and Blind Dog

    • A dog that is both deaf and blind is usually the result of either old age or bad breeding. Training dogs like these will be limited, but not impossible. A special touch that is different than a pet or scratch will be used to express a command.

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