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Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can be fatal.
Most bus passengers do not use seat belts as they would in passenger cars.
In the event of a collision, the passengers can be thrown to the other end of the bus or into the windows.
Additionally buses are difficult to maneuver, increasing the risk of driver error.
These vehicles must also be well maintained to prevent malfunction.
A person taking mass transit these days may be trying to help the environment, may simply just need to get to work, or may be a college student needing to get to and around school.
Buses are an important part of any city's transit structure, helping thousands of people get where they need to be going.
Most of these people assume that the vehicles they are riding are completely safe.
Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
There are many different parties that may be at fault for both mild and severe bus accidents.
Finding liability in the accident is important to obtaining compensation for the incident.
Some of the most common forms of negligence leading to bus accidents include the following:
  • Company Negligence -- including hours of service violations, negligent hiring, and lack of bus driver training
  • Maintenance Negligence--including bus defects or malfunctions or the lack of business / company maintenance
  • Driver Negligence -- including drowsy driving, drunk driving, excessive speed, or a driver's failure to pay attention
Motor vehicle accidents are unfortunately common in our country.
If you have been affected by a bus accident, or someone you know has been affected, you know firsthand that riding a bus can be dangerous and if just one person is negligent, it can injure many innocent individuals.
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