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Should I Stay in a Sexless Marriage?

If this is your question and you are looking for me to answer it for you, think again.
This is a very serious situation and I am not your therapist so I am not going to tell you what to do but what I can do is point out a few key factors to take into consideration when thinking over your decision.
Do you want to leave your marriage? Is sex so important to you that you cannot remain inside your marriage and in your home with the family you love? I mean besides the lack of sex, is there anything else wrong with your marriage? I know that not having sex with your mate can build tension within a relationship, but are you and your partner still civil towards each other and able to easily communicate? If so, why should you leave? It appears that you have everything besides sex going on for you in the marriage.
Is this not enough for you? Are you not getting any affection at all? I know the two of you are not having sex but are you at least hugging and kissing each other? Is there still some passion and fire within your relationship? If the two of you can still share intimate moments, with a little therapy or time; you can try and regain the romance that your relationship once contained.
Answering the question, should I stay in sexless marriage is going to take a lot of thinking on your part, in no way will this be an easy decision.
What about the children? Our kids do not always understand that leaving the marriage does not mean that you are not leaving them too, so how will you deal with this? To a child, when mommy or daddy separate or divorce, their family is breaking up forever and things will never be the same again.
Do you really want to hurt your child in this way? Or do you think it is more beneficial to leave the marriage on your terms in your own way to avoid even more hurt? You do have other alternatives than to leave your marriage.
Do you like to watch porn movies or masturbate? These may be practices that you are unfamiliar with but they are safe and easy ways to get sexual gratification.
Now, I am not saying to spend all day looking at porn movies but when you have some down time, you can allow yourself an hour here and there to relax and relieve some tension.
This is just a suggestion of course you do not have to do this.
Assuming that you have tried to communicate the fact that you require sex within your marriage, ask your spouse to assist you with some form of sexual gratification.
Maybe your wife or husband does not want to have sexual intercourse at this time but do you think they would be willing to do other sexual activities? Use your imagination.
You never know what your partner will be open to; especially when they find out you are considering divorce.
You must sit your partner down and tell them how you are feeling.
As much as this may hurt you or leave them feeling as though they have failed their duties as a husband or wife, you have to do this in order to make a fair decision.
I mean seriously, do you think it would be fair to serve someone divorce papers over the lack of sex within the marriage and they have no indication at all?

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