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How to Build a Horse Corral Using PVC

    Putting in the Fence

    • 1). Measure spots every 6 feet along the fence perimeter. Dig holes a foot deep at each spot.

    • 2). Saw PVC pipe into 6-foot lengths. You need one length for each hole. (Use the heaviest-duty PVC available -- horses can be hard on fencing.)

    • 3). Place a PVC pipe in each hole and fill the holes with cement. Make sure the PVC pipes are straight when the cement dries. Let the cement dry completely before proceeding.

    • 4). Take 12-foot lengths of PVC pipe and run them across three posts so that each ends touch a post: These are your rails. You should use three rails for each fence section: one a foot off the ground, one at waist height, one at the top of the post. Screw the rails into the posts.

    • 5). Build the gate by cutting three pipes to 5-½ feet in length and two pipes to 4 feet in length. Screw the two 4-foot-long pipes to two 5-1/5 foot-long to form a rectangle. Screw the last piece across the middle as a rail.

    • 6). Attach the gate to the posts with screws and hinges. Attach the latch with screws.

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