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Honeymoon over with your book sales? Did your book sell as well as you hoped? Could your sales use a shot in the arm? Perhaps you are just starting and looking for ways to sell your book.
Either way, I've got good news for you! Join the Information Revolution.
There's a whole new Internet audience waiting to hear about your insightful book that solves their problem in your field.
Include Internet Marketing in your promotion plan.
Use a couple of these guaranteed marketing techniques and explode your book sales to a whole new level.
Use benefits and features throughout your marketing copy.
Do you know the difference? Knowing that benefits sell and features explain make your promotions like a magnet that attract your best customers.
Create cds, tapes and videos of your speeches promoting your book.
Then package them and sell them from your website.
Post mini-audio clips to offer your web visitors a sample.
Additionally, you can choose a speech and offer it as a gift to your web visitors.
They can listen to it On-Demand or use it as an incentive to sign-up for your ezine.
Create short articles from your book excerpts and submit to ezines, directories and online groups.
The articles will help build your creditability as an expert in your field.
Additionally, the signature files at the end of each article if developed correctly will drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website.
Develop and email your own ezine that helps you stay in touch with prospects to build trust.
Does a newsletter sound overwhelming? Try doing a short e-column on the subject of your book.
Either way make sure you follow up with your visitors.
Researchers say most will buy after 5-7 exposures to your sales message.
Create a short eBook on a similar topic as your book to help brand your business and attract new readers.
A short ebook of 10-100 pages could turn into a traffic virus that's contagious to all your web visitors.
Soon your name would be known as one of the experts in your field.
If you don't start your Internet Marketing plan, you could be this time next year with the same disappointing level of sales.
Don't wait join the Information Revolution today; use any of the above marketing ideas to explode your book sales to a new level.
Discover the promotion techniques it takes to have an abundance of customers every month.

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