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How to Last Longer in Sex - Here Are Some Tips to Help You Last Longer & Please Your Woman All Night

Men all over the world have searched everywhere for the best ways on how to last longer in sex.
While they may come up with a lot of useful details, what they actually need are a few of them.
To last longer in bed, take note that you would want to delay ejaculation as much as possible.
While this is hard, you can achieve this through some methods.
Practice And Experience Leads To Perfection Ejaculation can be difficult to control since this is our body's natural response when we are exposed to stimuli.
However, you can learn to control it through practice and experience.
Sex can be considered a skill since you get to spill out what you know on it while doing it.
For you to be able to be great at it, it would require a lot of practice and experience.
You can start by masturbating.
When doing so, make sure that you delay ejaculation as much as possible.
A good technique on this is to have sex with her orgasm in mind rather than yours.
Woman On Top When having sex, you would of course want to have the best sex positions there are.
If you are thinking of one that would make you last longer in bed that would be having her on top.
This is because your penis is less stimulated in this position which in turn would make it longer for you to ejaculate.
While the things you do would help on how to last longer in sex, sometimes the position would really help.

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