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How to Teach Your Dog to Pay Attention on Command

The "Look" or "Watch Me" command is the one of the first and most fun commands that you should teach your dog.
This command will teach the dog to focus on you when you speak to him and allow you to get the dog's attention when needed.
Without the dog's attention, training is difficult! "Look" is also used to maintain focus while you are working with or training your dog.
If you teach this right, your dog will have a blast and may even think of it as a fun game! The first step in teaching this command is to get the dog to make eye contact with you.
Once you have eye contact you then reward him for doing so with something he really wants, such as a treat, a toy, or a pat on the head.
You want to make sure it is something that is of a high value to your dog.
It's that simple! Try these tips to get your dog to look at you:
  • With a treat in your hand, show the dog your hand and then draw your hand up to your face.
  • With your dog's favorite toy in hand, show the dog your hand and then draw your hand up to your face.
  • Smile! (Do Not Ever have a scowl on your face).
  • Use a happy voice.
  • Make an interesting sound (kissing noises or clucking sounds work well).
As soon as your dog makes eye contact with you tell him "good" and then give him his reward.
Remember, timing is everything! Continue to offer the dog things that he wants (food or toy) and only give it to him when he makes eye contact.
This will help reinforce the behavior (him making eye contact with you) that you want.
Be careful not to give your dog the treat when he is not looking at you.
It is very easy to make the mistake of saying "good" as you offer the treat to your dog, and not after you say "good" for looking at you, which makes the dog think that he is getting the treat for looking at the treat.

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